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Undergraduate Research Assistant, Senseable City Lab

Emerging as a collaboration between the Senseable City Lab and the Alm Lab, Underworlds aimed to transform the way we tackle numerous public health issues, such as the opioid crisis. The goal was to mine data from sewage samples using a series of robots located at various manholes around a city. The robots would collect samples which would then be analyzed offsite.

I did a little bit of everything in this project. I started off focusing on hardware, installing sensors and writing scripts that would control parts of the robot. I later became more involved in more macro-level statistical work, trying to optimize the amount of information we got from samples across space and time.

Some time after I left the project, the leads took the idea into what is now a Y Combinator backed startup. Check out the Biobot Analytics website here.

I wrote a blog post about this project on the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Website: Inside a Course 1 UROP: Tackling large scale problems using imaginative solutions.