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The assignments listed below are those that I either thought were interesting, or I put in a bit more effort. They are listed in reverse chronological order (so hopefully you'll see as I do that the newer ones are of much better quality).

Educate to Liberate? Effect of Prison Education Programs on Recidivism

14.32: Econometric Data Science

Final Paper

DAM. or The Three Gorges Project

1.011: Project Evaluation and Management

Final Paper

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Binny the Bot

6.902: Engineering, Innovation and Design


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6.914: Project Engineering

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Nueva canción as a Revolutionary Tool in Puerto Rican Protests

21H.171: Latin America: Revolution, Dictatorship, and Democracy, 1850-Present

Final Paper

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Bio-Inspired Sound Absorbing Building Facades

1.102: Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design II

Final Paper

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Effect of Kinetic Building Configuration on Heat Retention

1.101: Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design I

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